JDR Cable Systems Limited
Victoria dock, Hartlepool

JDR Cable Systems Limited
Victoria dock, Hartlepool



JDR Cable Systems Ltd

We were commissioned to obtain a Planning Consent for a change-of-use from existing warehouses to a manufacturing plant and to design a new extension to accommodate this manufacturing plant.

The buildings are used for the storage and manufacture of large “undersea umbilical cables” which link wind turbines together. The delivery and storage of the raw materials, combined with the complex manufacturing process, was a very challenging task, considering that cables can be up to 10km in length

At the end of the process, following successful testing, the chords are passed into the production hall within the new extension and then gently unwound onto ships waiting in Victoria Harbour.

Since the initial appointment in 2008, we have been involved with a number of successful projects on the same site, with a total construction value in excess of £20m.