Flagship police headquarters underway

The Criminal Justice Centre for Devon and Cornwall Police Authority is well underway and about to commence on site. Vincent and Gorbing will be acting as client site advisor for the new South Side development at Middlemoor in Exeter. Devon and Cornwall Police commissioned Vincent and Gorbing to design a new police headquarters building in Exeter, covering approximately 9,500m² and incorporating a new 40-cell custody facility.

A detailed planning application has been approved by Exeter City Council. Throughout the detailed design phase, Vincent and Gorbing have presented their ideas to CABE and the Home Office Review Panel on four separate occasions. On either side of the link block, the environments differ: on the western side, the public approach to the link is conceived as a pair of open arms welcoming the visitor, with the space between the two ‘hubs’ narrowing as the entrance gets closer. On the eastern side, the entrance to the link is tighter and ‘feels’ inherently more secure - this is where police staff arrive at work from the staff car park.