TILBURY2 accepted for examination by the Secretary of State.

The first port project to be promoted through the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs) regime – known as TILBURY2 - has been accepted for examination by the Secretary of State.

Vincent and Gorbing are acting as planning consultants on the scheme – which proposes a new Roll-on/Roll-off ferry terminal and a facility for the handling of construction aggregates on the north bank of the Thames. It is being promoted as an extension to the existing Port of Tilbury – the operators of the Port have been one of our key clients for many years.

The 162 acre scheme also involves 1.5km of new highway and a rail link to the mainline network. Complex environmental issues, including ecology, flood risk, heritage, noise and air quality, will be considered at a 6 month public examination of the proposals in 2018. Planning director Martin Friend will be leading Vincent and Gorbing’s contribution throughout the examination.