TILBURY2 accepted for examination by the Secretary of State.

The first port project to be promoted through the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs) regime – known as TILBURY2 - has been accepted for examination by the Secretary of State.

Vincent and Gorbing are acting as planning consultants on the scheme – which proposes a new Roll-on/Roll-off ferry terminal and a facility for the handling of construction aggregates on the north bank of the Thames. It is being promoted as an extension to the existing Port of Tilbury – the operators of the Port have been one of our key clients for many years.

The 162 acre scheme also involves 1.5km of new highway and a rail link to the mainline network. Complex environmental issues, including ecology, flood risk, heritage, noise and air quality, will be considered at a 6 month public examination of the proposals in 2018. Planning director Martin Friend will be leading Vincent and Gorbing’s contribution throughout the examination.

The practice places great emphasis on designing architecture of high quality and this approach has resulted in a significant media profile and industry recognition.

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