Tilbury2 gets consent from the Government

Known as TILBURY2 – the project has been granted development consent by the Secretary of State for Transport following a six month Examination held in 2018.

Vincent and Gorbing acted as planning consultants and EIA Co-ordinators on the multi-million pound scheme – which proposes a new Roll-on/Roll-off freight ferry terminal and a facility for the handling of construction aggregates - on the north bank of the Thames in Essex. The development will act as an extension to the existing Port of Tilbury – the operators of the Port have been one of our key clients for many years.

The 162 acre scheme also involves 1.5km of new highway and a rail link to the mainline network. Complex planning and environmental issues, including Green Belt, highways, ecology, flood risk, heritage, noise and air quality, were all successfully addressed through the process with the Secretary of State concluding that the benefits of the scheme in economic terms clearly outweighed any adverse impacts. Planning director Martin Friend led Vincent and Gorbing’s contribution throughout the Examination process, securing agreement to the scheme from all of the relevant local authorities and appearing as an expert witness in front of the Examining Panel as part of the team with leading planning lawyers Pinsent Masons.

Development will commence immediately and the RoRo terminal is expected to open in 2020.