Broughton Parish Council

Community Pavilion


Milton Keynes Council




We were commissioned to design a community pavilion for Broughton Parish Council. Following many years of careful negotiation, they have finally realised their ambition by opening the new community building.

The resulting development is a low, single-storey building with a footprint that is angled at its centre to create an entrance/reception and covered with a mono-pitched roof that is folded to express the vertical dynamics of the interior spaces and echo the terraced terrain of the field beyond. The south-facing roof section allows a changing scale of elevational treatment – a lower, fluctuating roofline facing the southern boundary which rises around the corners to a higher northern edge facing the playing fields.

The architectural concept for the pavilion provided a dynamic and stimulating complex of contemporary design. The rational form and structure evokes a sense of movement, reflecting the internal activities and consequently enthusing and enticing visitors to the facility and encouraging its use by the local community.

This project was shortlisted for the RICS Community bulletin project in 2013.