Harewood Whin Waste Transfer Station

Rufforth, York

Town Planning

Yorwaste Ltd

Planning applications
Environmental Impact Assessment


In 2015 Yorwaste Ltd approached Vincent and Gorbing regarding a proposed waste transfer station (WTS) just outside York. Yorwaste were tasked by York City Council with providing a WTS to deal with all the household waste produced within York, prior to it being sent for treatment at an energy from waste facility at Allerton Park. The black bag waste from kerbside collections was to be unloaded, sorted and bulked at the WTS.

Owned and operated by Yorwaste, a 100 ha site at Harewood Whin is a resource recovery centre and encompasses a range of waste management operations, including landfill, green waste composting, commercial and industrial recycling, liquid waste treatment and general household waste recycling. This was the location for the new WTS, which was designed to fit into this existing operational site.

Vincent and Gorbing Architects and Planners worked together on this project. Due to its scale and location in the Green Belt, the application was the subject of an Environmental Impact Assessment. The planning application was approved in October 2016, and was completed, and officially opened on 20th July 2017 by the Lord Mayor of York.