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Vincent and Gorbing designed 330 single living accommodation study bedrooms and associated facilities for the MoD’s Defence Intelligence Security Centre at Chicksands, together with a new school building for military training.

The study bedrooms were sized in accordance with the JSP scales for the senior ranks from all the forces for both long term and short term training. The rooms were arranged in striking blocks with steps and staggers to suit the steep site and with entrance bays incorporating various colours for ease of identification.

Great interest was taken by Defence Estates in this project which compared very favourably with other Single Living Accommodation schemes at a number of sites across the country. The design for the new JSPI school was developed around the specific training needs. The accommodation included classrooms, a messroom and support facilities.

This was the first element in a 5 year Prime Contract and various smaller projects have been undertaken since. It followed a major refurbishment contract covering 25 buildings at Chicksands with Mowlem and Vincent and Gorbing.