Northolt High School


Town Planning

Kier Construction and Department for Education

Planning application, public engagement

Under construction

Northolt High School campus comprised two previously separate schools on neighbouring sites. The facilities were in need of consolidation and upgrading. Advising Kier Construction and the DfE, Vincent+Gorbing undertook pre-application engagement with LB Ealing to seek agreement to the main aspects of the scheme. V+G also advised on and managed the public consultation strategy, including an in-person public exhibition to present the proposals to the local community.

The planning application was supported by a full suite of technical reports and planning permission was secured within a timely manner allowing the construction programme to work around the academic year to secure the phased delivery of the new school. During the planning application process, detailed negotiations were required to resolve matters in relation to the playing pitch provision, community use facilities, parking and highways, noise mitigation measures, sustainability credentials and phasing of the development. Detailed negotiations took place with Sport England to ensure that the playing pitches and other sports facilities could remain in use throughout the build, whilst also providing new sports pitches which meet the latest guidance in terms of quality of provision.

Kier Construction had this to say about V+G’s involvement in the process:

Claire Newbury did an absolutely amazing job supporting us through the process and definitely went the extra mile, massive thanks to her and Vincent+Gorbing Ltd