Oakley House



Hightown Housing Association


c. £12.5m

on site

We were appointed in April 2019 by Hightown for the redevelopment of the former Whitbread site. Conversion of the existing office buildings was considered, but their replacement with purpose-built accommodation was preferred as this would allow for a higher-quality scheme. The proposed development consists of 65 new homes, comprising 26 houses and 39 apartments.

Following the success of the recently completed ‘Hatters Place’ scheme in the High Town area of Luton which we also designed for Hightown Housing Association, it was agreed to follow a similar architectural language here. Making extensive use of decorative brickwork, cast stone and slate roofs. The new development achieves or exceeds Nationally Described Space Standards. The scheme has been designed to create new street frontages and reintroducing the Victorian character to be found in the area.

The existing vehicular access point was retained and leading to a central spine road along which the accommodation is arranged. Continuous trees line the site boundary to the western end of the site, screening it from the neighbouring care home and Ely Way, and making it an ideal location for family houses with rear gardens.