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The proposals included providing a new home for one of the UK’s leading Estate’s teams along with additional facilities for the School of Creative Arts, situated within an existing, vacant building on College Lane campus.

The Estates, Hospitality and Contract Services (EHCS) new home is designed to suit their busy and collaborative requirements. A series of meeting spaces, as individual rooms within a larger space divide the office into formal and informal working environments. On the formal side is the more traditional open-plan office environment where staff can easily interact, and some smaller meeting tables for quicker meetings. Beyond the coloured glass meeting rooms are a series of larger tables, and more comfortable furniture for longer and more informal discussions.

The space was a refurbishment of the Mercer Building, an out-dated office environment which was dark and had low-ceilings. The new office, in contrast, brings joy through colour and the creation of interesting tactile spaces. The space has been designed for the expanding department and has been reported to highly impress important visitors to the University.