York House



Glencar/ Hightown Housing Association



on site

We were appointed by Glencar to prepare a Detailed Planning Application to redevelop this former car dealership in St Albans for residential use. The site is located within the Fleetville area of St Albans, a well-established mixed residential/commercial area with active frontages to both the east and the west which were markedly different in character.

The opportunity to replace low quality and un-sightly commercial premises with much needed new homes was recognised by all. There was also opportunity to enhance the street scape of Guildford Road and to create a better-defined edge to the established residential area.

To the east is Ashley Road, a busy arterial road. The noise and pollution levels from traffic were sufficiently high to require new residential accommodation to be setback. Similarly, to avoid over-looking the smaller scale houses to the west, required new residential accommodation to be setback from the Guildford Road. The result was a much-reduced developable area centrally located with frontages to two streets.

A contemporary architectural style was adopted to address the conflicting characteristics of the commercial and residential surroundings. The result is a well modelled four storey brick building with a standing seam mansard roof. The form is bold to respond to the neighbouring large scale commercial buildings but is articulated with bays, recessed balconies, and standing seam clad dormer windows to maintain a residential feel.

The development will provide 25 apartments over four storeys with integral bin storage and entrances from both streets. Work has started on site and is due for completion in 2024.